Since 2005, SAAM Towage in Brazil offers a full range of towage services at the main Brazilian ports. Our services are provide with a Brazilian-flagged fleet with proven international technology and local crew.

Today we operate 48 tugs at 13 of the main ports along the Brazilian coast, from north to south: Santana; Vila do Conde and Barcarena; São Luis (Ponta da Madeira, Itaqui and Alumar); Pecém; Suape; Salvador and Aratu; Mucuripe; Vitória (Tubarão and Praia Mole); Sepetiba (Itaguaí and Porto Sudeste); Angra dos Reis; Santos; Paranaguá; Itajaí and Navegantes; and Río Grande.

We serve a wide range of Brazilian and international shipping companies, with dry bulk (e.g. iron and farm products) and liquid bulk (mainly oil, chemical products and juices) cargo, container ships and car carriers.

We also provide towage services at Petrobras terminals in Angra dos Reis and Suape, as well as the Petrobras LNG terminal in Salvador, with our hallmark safety and reliability.

In salvage services, SAAM Towage in Brazil is strategically positioned along the Brazilian coast and the Amazon River basin, with a fleet of ASD tugs that are equipped and available to help with challenging salvage operations. Both our ground personnel and our crews have vast experience in emergency response, including firefighting, refloating and salvage operations.

We recruit and train our personnel in order to ensure exceptional performance with a focus on safety. This combination of a highly-professional team with powerful, state-of-the-art tugs enables us to guarantee our customers consistent quality and competitive rates.

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