Special services

Demand for special services has always been an integral part of our industry.

Our fleet and specialized personnel provide assistance to barges and civil construction works, in addition to other special services such as bay and ocean towage, in order to meet project objectives.


In 2009, as a port operator at Uruguay’s main ports, Kios (now SAAM Towage) identified an alternative for river transportation with barges and pushers on the  Uruguay, Paraná and de la Plata rivers.

Initially, these services were provided to transport grain and byproducts between the ports along these rivers, primarily large convoys of barges carrying cargo (mainly soy) from Paraguay to Bolivia. Today barge transport has expanded to include barley, malt, raw sugar, fertilizer, cement and many other products.

Civil Construction

This type of service consists of chartering equipment (pontoons) for construction companies. With an extensive track record in this sector, SAAM Towage in Uruguay has been hired to assist with port works, such as breakwaters, docks and conveyor belts.

For our civil work business, we dispose of two crane pontoons of 5 meters length and 15 meters beam, and a deck pontoon, of 100 meters length and 30 meters beam. Our assets were purchased in New Orleans, United States.