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Project Analyst
Monitorate the status of projects in different areas of the company.
Rio de Janeiro | Brasil
Responsible for the management and operation of tugboats.
Puerto de Acajutla, Sonsonate | El Salvador
Administration Internship
We have an open internship process for higher education graduates to join our Human Resources team.
Rio de Janeiro | Brasil
Maintenance Superintendent
Coordinate and supervise preventive and corrective maintenance of the Fleet, as well as inspections and certifications of the Tugboat fleet.
Cartagena de Indias | Colombia
Electrical Maintenance Technician
In charge of executing the maintenance process of electrical and refrigeration equipment.
Miraflores | Perú
HSEQ Advisor
Responsible for verifying the application of safety, health, environmental and quality standards and procedures.
Zona Norte | Chile
HSEQ Advisor
Responsible for verifying the application of safety, health, environmental and quality standards and procedures.
Lima | Perú
Responsible for attending the company's requisitions, prospecting suppliers, requesting and analyzing quotations.
Montevideo | Uruguay
Mechanic Welder
Se encargará de ejecutar y asistir el plan de mantenimiento de la flota de remolcadores
Viña del Mar | Chile
Chiel Engineer
In charge of technical installations, maintenance and repairs of the tugboats.
El Salvador
Planning Engineer
Responsible for ensuring maintenance plans of the vessels, perform criticality analysis, statistical and modeling of equipment failures. In addition, develop survey and process management practices.
Colombia | Cartagena
Senior Accounting Analyst
Responsible for analyzing and executing accounting processes, such as accounting and financial classifications and reconciliations regarding financial statements for strategic processes and decision making
Chief Engineer
Responsible for scheduling and performing engine room operations, through the efficient and timely execution of the preventive and corrective maintenance program, through the company's general management system.
Business Analyst
In charge of coordinating and supervising the implementation, commercial policies and new projects of the commercial area.
Chile | Viña del Mar
Warranty Officer
Responsible for implementing and developing operational strategies.
Quality and Environment Coordinator
In charge of supporting and executing the process of implementation, development and updating of management systems.
Santiago | Chile
BPM Analyst
Participate in business projects with impact on the definition of corporate governance models, risk mitigation through the implementation of controls.
Santiago | Chile
Planning and Control Analyst
Analyze operations by generating key performance indicator reports, evaluating results and identifying opportunities for improvement.
Santiago | Chile
Supply Chain Manager
Conduct purchasing, warehousing, logistics and inventory management. Support the NSE system to contribute to the execution of the Supply Chain processes of the Supply Chain & Planning Sub-Management.
Santiago | Chile
Master Data Analyst NSE
Responsible for the execution of the Master Data process of the Nautical Systems Enterprise (NSE) management system. The main functions of the position will be to comply in a timely manner with the resolution of tickets associated with the process and interact with requesting users.
Santiago | Chile
Fleet Coordinator
In charge of coordinating the administrative processes of fleet personnel. In addition, contribute to the availability of vessels for the proper development of business operations.
Viña del Mar | Chile
Senior Analyst of Financial Planning
Daily monitoring of operations, including analysis and evaluation of recorded data, to ensure the best classification and allocation of the same data.
Rio de Janeiro | Brasil
Machine Operator
Supervise and verify the efficient operations, maintenance and repair of all machinery, systems and electrical equipment. Record fuel consumption and supervise preventive or corrective maintenance of the vessel.
Guayaquil | Ecuador
Trainee Chief Engineer
Will be part of the "SAAM Towage Officers Academy", with the objective of training through theoretical and practical learning with professional specialists in all areas
Tugboat captain trainee
Will be part of the "SAAM Towage Officers Academy", with the objective of training through theoretical and practical learning with professional specialists in all areas
General Deck Crew Member
In charge of executing tasks related to the operation of docking and undocking of vessels, cleaning, towing maneuvers and tugboat maintenance
Tugboat Captain
In charge of handling and commanding the vessel
SHEQ Advisor
Ensure compliance with the SHEQ program in accordance with current regulations. Actively participate in the updating and proper functioning of the EO SIG
Samborondon | Ecuador
Marine Cook
Support in daily tasks related to: reception and preparation of food; daily hygiene and safety maintenance; and, ordering and classifying supplies according to current dates and condition
Cartagena | Colombia
Talent Bank - Administrative
Inclusive job opportunity
Talent Bank - Crew
Inclusive job opportunity
Marine Electrician
Executes the maintenance of electrical components of our equipment in line with the company's and industry’s safety policies and regulations to ensure the optimal status of the equipment, its operability, and availability
Prince Rupert, B.C. I Canada
Tugboat Captain
Execute the maneuvers required by the operation

We are hiring open positions across 13 countries.

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I have been Country Manager at SAAM Towage Brasil since September 2019. Currently, I am responsible for the operation of 51 tugboats distributed in 14 ports, from north to south of Brazil, managing around 530 employees.
I am motivated by a strong safety culture, our employees are always concerned about their own safety and that of their colleagues. We constantly seek the recognition and admiration of our customers, so that they see themselves as the best towing service providers on the market.
I am very proud to be part of a group with strong values, which are fully aligned with my personal values. We value ethics, safety, respect for employees, suppliers, shareholders, maritime and port authorities, focusing on the best service to our customers. These values are present in all our actions in the company. I strongly recommend SAAM as one of the best companies to work for.

Renata ErvilhaCountry Manager Brazil

I joined SAAM in 1995 in Chile as Head of the International Business Division, later I directed the Infrastructure Management, leading claims and reconstruction projects, terminals heavily affected by the 2010 earthquake in Chile. This experience helped us to take measures in time, which allowed that for the earthquake in 2014 in Iquique there was no major damage to the infrastructure.
Since the creation of the Div. Towage, today SAAM TOWAGE, I have been part of it, first as Country Manager in Chile for 5 years, and later as Country Manager of SAAM Towage Mexico, being in charge of a luxury professional team in both positions. technically and humanly.
Having been able to get to know practically all the countries of the Americas with their different idiosyncrasies and cultures, thanks to SAAM's businesses, has been for me more than a great work experience, it has been a wonderful life experience.

Cristián Rojas MoralesCountry Manager Mexico

In 2015 I joined the company and it was my first job. Difficult to anticipate that I would take 5 positions in 4 different cities, for me, SAAM has meant a great development as a professional and person in which I have been able to progressively acquire new responsibilities and knowledge.
I believe that SAAM and SAAM Towage are characterized by being extremely dynamic and offering development opportunities to those who are willing to accept new challenges. The most attractive thing is that he operates in a truly international business where all positions allow him to interact with different cultures and visions, he has a modern, ambitious leadership and is very focused on change and innovation to be better.

Matia de LuiggiCountry Manager Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador & Guatemala

I joined SAAM in 2011, at the end of 2018 an internal restructuring was carried out and I became head of Operations and in June 2019 I was promoted to Deputy Manager of Operations. I consider this work experience as the most enriching of my professional career, in a collaborative environment, with the guidance of great leaders and the support of valuable collaborators in my charge.
All those who are interested in being part of this company, rest assured that they will find valuable lessons for their professional career and their life in general.

Romir de SantisEcuador Operations Deputy Manager

Two years ago I joined SAAM Towage as a Planning Engineer and recently I am taking on new challenges as Head of Planning, always focused on the processes that lead us to have more available and cost-efficient assets. The tug industry is really a world apart and very entertaining, also ST constantly gives me new tools for my personal growth and implement projects that make this a better company. The development opportunities and the constant challenges together with an excellent human team make me happy to belong to this company.

Jaime Reyes LiraHead of Planning

I started my career at SAAM Coporativo as a Project Analyst in the Development Management, where I worked for almost 3 and a half years. There I was offered the opportunity to work at SAAM Towage Brazil, as a Senior Operations Specialist in the Operations area and after 1 year, they offered me to move to the Finance area to work on cross-cutting projects of the company.
I totally recommend working at ST. Without a doubt, it is a company where you can learn a lot, always with new and challenging projects, with highly trained workers who are willing to share their knowledge. In addition, being a meritocratic company with good benefits.

Javiera CifuentesSenior Operations Specialist

My story at SAAM Towage starts on 01/2019 as Commercial Director at SAAM SMIT (SST), 30 days after my start at SST Boskalis decides to sell its 50% in SST to SAAM! So, in a few days I became 100% SAAM! It was a great experience to participate in the takeover of SST and the creation of SAAM Towage Brasil (STB). It was a time of great change and personal growth. Then, following its growth rhythm, in 2020 SAAM closes the purchase of 70% of Intertug and Baru Offshore and invites me to be the Country Manager of its operation in Colombia and Honduras. Happy with the challenge, today I live in Cartagena, Colombia, raising the SAAM Towage flag in the Caribbean region. Despite its 6 decades, SAAM is a young and dynamic company. SAAM Towage, despite operating in the maritime sector, flies. The strategic vision is exciting, its growth ambition is challenging, and the leadership team is motivating. Would recommend without hesitation.

Joao Paulo MarinsCountry Manager Ecuador, Colombia & Honduras

I joined SAAM in 2016 as a management control analyst at the SAAM Towage corporate. After 1 year, I had the opportunity to become a trainee in the branch of ST Brasil. After this, I joined the Division Operations team, where I currently hold the position of Project Manager and am in charge of carrying out initiatives that contribute to operational excellence throughout the group, mainly linked to technology and innovation. I am very motivated to contribute to a sector as important as maritime transport and there are many opportunities for development, both in ST and in companies of the SAAM group.

Liliana Ojeda EscobarOperations Project Chief

My story at SAAM began in October 2013, at the Vitória Branch. Since then I can say that every year the company's dynamics has become more challenging and interesting! In July 2016 I was called to join the Commercial team and moved to Rio de Janeiro to start my activity in the Department. What motivates me within the company is having leading managers who care about our development and training! I am proud to be part of the group, as I believe that the company's values are in line with my personal values. I would recommend other professionals who accept new challenges to join ST, as I believe in the services provided and in the potential for employees to rise!

Silvia FelipeCommercial Coordinator

My story starts in the port of Talcahuano in the fishing boat category, in 2011 I moved to Valparaíso to study and validate titles to be able to embark on the Merchant Navy, joining SAAM on August 10, 2011, in the port of Quintero giving my first steps in the Huala tugboat. Having been in command of the tugboat for just over a year, I was transferred to start training in azimuth tugboats, starting a very nice career in this type of tugboat, carrying out maneuvers in most ports in the country and a year ago I returned to take again the challenge of the tugboats in charge of the Águila III. I highlight the communication and support for our day-to-day management, by the entire team that works in the offices on the ground, I can count on them for any need, they are always willing to help me solve any existing problem.

I am motivated by the new challenges presented by new projects. The company gave me a great goal to be the best, to respond to our clients in the best possible way, to impregnate that feeling in the crew of a tugboat that provides special services, to contribute day by day to the progress of the projects that they come to us in the future. It is a company that allows you to develop ours skills, shows us a range of possibilities in the maritime world, and allows us to discover a large part of the ports in our country and today in the rest of the world.

Mario Farías GonzálezCaptain of the tug Aguila III

I joined SAAM in 2015 as an engineer for new projects at Remolcadores Chile. After being in charge of the embarked personnel for 2 years, I went to the south of Chile, as a Commercial Agent and in December 2019 I was appointed Country Manager of Costa Rica. Finally, in March 2021, the administration of SAAM Towage El Salvador was handed over to me.
I am motivated by the fact that I have always been under the charge of high-level professionals, from whom I have been able to learn and support myself to perform my functions in the best way.
There are many growth opportunities within the company. It is a very dynamic organization that rewards those who show enthusiasm for learning and developing as professionals.
It is an excellent opportunity to take on challenges in other countries and learn from different cultures. It is a school to develop as a professional and learn how a large company with an international presence works.

Joaquin Dueñas PardoCountry Manager Costa Rica & El Salvador