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The ongoing collaboration between SAAM Towage and Caterpillar Marine, which began two years ago, is already yielding significant results that directly benefit customers and SAAM Towage.


Santiago, June  06, 2024 | SAAM Towage and Caterpillar Marine renewed the commercial agreement they signed in 2021, which optimizes the operation through the use of applied technology. This is the Remote Fleet Vision (RFV) system, which monitors engines online and obtains real-time information on a significant percentage of the company’s fleet for improved decision-making.

“Over this period, we amassed a valuable database, harnessing data from over 165 engines in our fleet. This, coupled with cutting-edge technology, has streamlined our decision-making, optimized our tugboat usage, and enabled us to schedule maintenance promptly, all leading to a more efficient and safer operation,” explained the Fleet & Supply Chain Director of SAAM Towage, Alentué Pompei.

The analysis of the data has enabled engine maintenance to be adapted to SAAM Towage’s operational reality”, optimizing major interventions and thus improving the availability of the ships, making the operation more efficient and maintaining safety standards.

Caterpillar Marine vice president and general manager, Brad Johnson, commented, “through successful execution of this agreement, Caterpillar and its worldwide dealer network continue to deliver value-added services that create tangible benefits for our customers. Our commitment to collaborating with customers like SAAM Towage is supporting our approach to digitally enabled solutions that will continue to improve the operations and efficiency for Cat® powered assets”.

SAAM Towage emphasized that these actions result in improved operations and services, directly benefiting  customers by increasing fleet availability through real-time monitoring.

“We can continuously learn from the data generated by the system, which promotes implementation of new improvements. And, we continue to work to find the best ways to use this information for the benefit of the operation, as the data analysis is key to be able to anticipating problems and even – since the information is online – giving safety alerts that can support our crews during navigation,” Pompei added.


About SAAM Towage

SAAM Towage is a leading global towage services company with a global presence in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Panama, El Salvador and Uruguay.

It has more than 200 tugboats operating in more than 90 ports in the Americas and serves some 40,000 ships a year, totaling more than 150,000 tasks.