Our History


Our history and milestones

With strong roots where we operate, we are not only a company with a history but also a company with a strong commitment and principles that guide our approach to safety, people, tugboats, and efficient solutions.

+25-year trajectory
8 ports
  • 2021

    SAAM Towage Colombia is born

  • 2020

    SAAM adquieres 70% of shares integrating to the largest operator in Latin America and Caribbean with over 170 vessels and more than 70 ports

  • 2018

    Intertug wins harbor towage contract in Puerto Cortes and San Lorenzo, Honduras

  • 2018

    Cease of operations in Peru and Jamaica

  • 2016

    Start of operations in Jamaica

  • 2014

    Start of operations in Brazil and Peru, and ceasing of operations in Venezuela

  • 2012

    Capital injection by Investment funds via stocks (33%)

  • 2011

    Expanded operations for support vessel activities conforming BARU OFFSHORE

  • 2007

    Start of operations in Mexico (signature of contracts with Pemex) and Honduras

  • 2006

    Start of operations in Venezuela (signature of contracts with PDVSA)

  • 2000

    Fleet expansion and consolidation of market share in Colombia’s major ports

  • 1999

    The special operations business unit began operations

  • 1998

    Start of operations at Barranquilla port zone

  • 1997

    Start of operations at Tumaco port zone

  • 1995

    Start of operations at Cartagena port zone

  • 1994

    Start of operations at Santa Marta port zone

  • 1993

    International Tug Company foundation by local entrepeneurs families that dedicated to maritime activities is born, Intertug.