Special Services

The demand for special services has always been an integral part of our industry. Our tugs are fully suitable to undertake any request related to coastal towing, barge assistance, oil rig assistance, civil construction, and salvage operations. We respond quickly and effectively to reduce the impact of marine incidents.

We implemented a Special Service HUB in 2021. The West Coast South America + Caribbean + South Pacific + Atlantic HUBs are designed to capitalize on our strong presence in the Americas and play an active role in developing opportunities in the salvage and special operations markets.



Hub Caribbean

Commercial Manager

Matias Sabelle
+57 3207153830

Hub South Pacific

Commercial Manager

Raimundo Grez Duval
+56 9 6845 8934

Hub Atlantic

Commercial Manager

Martin Capurro
+59 8 9431 2131

Our value proposition

Robust operational processes with multi-department coordination for every aspect,

targeting three key fundamentals: Efficiency, fast response, and preparedness.


safety-conscious, and highly trained crews and onshore personnel.

Efficient fleet allocation

to reduce mobilization time and costs and minimize operational risks inherent to special operations.


We provide river transport services with barges and pushers mainly in Uruguay on Uruguay, Paraná, and de la Plata rivers. We have a fleet of pushers and barges, as well as pontoons and floating cranes specifically for special services. We also have our cranes and conveyor belts for loading and unloading operations.

In the river freight segment, we serve cabotage traffic between Uruguayan and Argentinean ports on Uruguay, de la Plata, and Paraná rivers, with intense activity at the ports of Nueva Palmira, Fray Bentos, and Paysandú. The main products transported are solid bulk, especially agricultural products like soybeans, corn, and barley, along with fertilizers, coal, cement, stone, and others.

Civil Construction

This service consists of chartering equipment (pontoons) for construction companies for port work such as breakwaters, docks, and conveyor belts. For this, we purchased two crane pontoons (45m long/15m outreach) and a deck barge (100m long/30m outreach) in New Orleans.

In Uruguay, we participated in projects to expand the Port of Montevideo and modernize the Port of Nueva Palmira, as well as assisting with dredging tasks with our fleet of floating pontoons and cranes.