Local Expertise

SAAM Towage's operations in Chile are carried out at all ports and terminals throughout the country, including mooring and departure maneuvers for all types of commercial, special, and navy ships, by tugs stationed between Iquique and the Port of Chacabuco.

We also participate in various activities in the maritime port sector, such as constructing the bridge over the Chacao Canal and a new mineral terminal in Caleta Patache (south of Iquique).

Our fleet of 20 ships will add two new tugs and a third, second-hand vessel in 2022. They are staffed by 180 crew members, deck officers, engineers, and specialized crew members, who are supported by our office and ground staff in the areas of maintenance, operations, logistics, and human resources, among others.


We are

  • 1- Arica
  • 2- Iquique – Patillos
  • 3- Mejillones – Antofagasta
  • 4- Chañaral
  • 5- Huasco – Caldera
  • 6- Coquimbo – Guayacán
  • 7- Quintero Bay
  • 8- Valparaíso
  • 9- San Antonio
  • 10- Lirquén
  • 11- Talcahuano Bay
  • 12- Puerto Montt – Calbuco
  • 13- Puerto Chacabuco
  • 14- Punta Arenas