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SAAM employees submitted a hundred ideas to the Imagine 2030 Initiative.


Santiago, December 15, 2021. More than a hundred projects were submitted to the SAAM Innovation Challenge, Imagine 2030, an internal contest that aims to gather the best employee ideas from SAAM Corporate and the company’s three business units: Tugs, Ports and Logistics.

The activity culminated with an online event during which the best of the five finalist projects was selected. The winning project was “Fleet Fit” by Liliana Ojeda and Javiera Ruiz-Tagle, SAAM Towage employees under the mentorship of Matías Sabelle. The project aims to increase operational and environmental efficiency.

“We are very pleased with our team’s participation in this internal contest. More than 206 people were actively involved and contributed their ideas. We want innovation to be in SAAM’s DNA. This is a way of boosting it and making it a part of how we do things. Nothing is more valuable than teamwork and the ability to solve the usual problems with new solutions,” said Chief Executive Officer of SAAM, Macario Valdés.

The winners

One of the winning team members, Liliana Ojeda, praised the initiative for enabling continuous improvement. “We are passionate about the topic we proposed because we believe that is the direction our industry is going and should continue to go: proposing changes, constructively questioning the way we do things and, thereby, generating impact,” she noted.

Second place in Imagine 2030 went to “OPTA,” a project submitted by Aerosan employees, and third place went to “Gate Control Automatization” by SVTI employees.

The winning projects will be implemented through the Aurora program, which aims to support digital transformation and innovation at the company. Furthermore, the employees who submitted the winning projects received a symbolic award for themselves and their families and another award for being the best project in their respective business areas.