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The people at SAAM Towage are

The backbone of the business and the ones who make it possible to achieve excellent service.

Meet the Team

We seek to promote maximum performance and enhance internal talent through the application of good practices and internal control mechanisms. We work towards our organizational vision of attracting and retaining well-prepared professionals in order to be a company that allocates positions of responsibility based on personal merit.

“It´s not just our tugs we have faith in, people are essential.”

SAAM Towage
Managing Director, SAAM Towage

Hernán Gómez

Country Manager Brazil

Renata Ervilha

Country Manager Canada

Sander Bikkers

Country Manager Chile & Peru

Cristián Cifuentes

Country Manager Mexico

Cristián Rojas

Cluster Manager Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador & Guatemala

Matia de Luiggi

Country Manager Uruguay

Javiera Hevia

Cluster Manager Colombia, Ecuador & Honduras.

Guillermo Burga