SAAM Towage collaborates with value-aligned partners to deploy the first two electric tugs for the Port of Vancouver. The vessels will

significantly reduce greenhouse gases (GHG). underwater noise.

They are powered by
two Li-ion battery banks,

making them 100% electric, zero-emission tugs, and they will be charged from the British Columbia power grid. Check the following video for more technical specifications.

The first two of our tugs are ready to operate in the Port of Vancouver (Canada) in 2024. These vessels, will significantly reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and underwater noise.

Our commitment as a company is to provide our customers with innovative, sustainable solutions that exceed their expectations.


tonnes of bollard pull


clean hydroelectricity

C02 emissions reduction:

tonnes annually

Our first two electric tugboats operate in the Port of Vancouver, Canada.

More on the horizon…

Chile will be the first country in Latin America to operate an electric tug thanks to an agreement between ENAP and SAAM Towage.

A third electric tug will be added to our fleet. It will operate in the Aysén Region at Puerto Chacabuco, one of the southernmost terminals in the world. There it will provide berthing and unberthing services for vessels, emitting zero greenhouse gases and significantly reducing environmental and underwater noise.