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SAAM Towage Chile renewed its ISO 9001:2015 certification, and SAAM Towage Peru passed certification for the first time.


Santiago, December 28, 2021SAAM Towage Chile and SAAM Towage Peru passed the Lloyd’s Register audit to recertify the operations of the former under the ISO 9001:2015 and certify the latter for the first time.“The accomplishment enables us to meet the requirements and our commitments to our clients as we comply with the applicable regulations and continuously improve our processes,” emphasized Cristián Cifuentes, SAAM Towage country manager for both countries.

“Certification in Peru enabled us to create opportunities in a consistent, standardized manner in this new market, which we entered in April and are already operating six tugs in three ports.”

According to the executive, both milestones show that the regulatory integration process SAAM Towage has undertaken has adequately matured. He particularly praised the knowledge and satisfactory process application demonstrated by both the administrative personnel and, very especially, onboard personnel.