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The company was recognized with one silver and two white stars for its environmental work.

Costa Rica, August 2022 | For the second straight year, SAAM Towage Costa Rica was honored by the Ecological Blue Flag Program (Programa Bandera Azul Ecológica or PBAE) for its environmental efforts during 2021 in the climate change category.

“We are very proud and motivated to continue along this path. We earned the highest score possible, increased our white stars to two and maintained our silver star, a reflection of our entire team’s commitment to moving towards more and more sustainable management,” commented the Country Manager of SAAM Towage Costa Rica, Joaquín Dueñas.

The first white star is linked to the score, in this case a perfect 100 points, and the second is for having an institutional environmental program, while the silver star is related to the waste management program through the ecoin program.

The results were publicized following an evaluation by the PBAE technical team. These specialists in the climate change category verified actions in areas like reduction of fuel, water and electricity use, as well as others related to water treatment, atmospheric pollutants and the use of products with a smaller environmental impact, among others.

The PBAE award encourages the formation of local committees, healthy competition and community organizing to care for the environment. More than five thousand Costa Rican companies participate through actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change.